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Foxglove Studios is a game development studio with a focus on free to play mobile games.

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Foxglove employees live and work around the globe. We work from home, from a cafe, or any other place we find suitable.

Communication is done via Slack, Google Hangouts, chat, and email. We also greatly value face to face meetings, and therefore have regular meetings in the physical world.

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Working Style

Our environment is one in which we treat each person as a responsible adult.

Everyone has a large degree of responsibility and freedom when performing their tasks. The result is a small team of experienced game developers.

In addition to developing our own games, we also help mobile developers publish their creations. Want to know more?

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Our Name

Foxgloves are graceful flowers. Each plant is made up of a collection of buds. They spread themselves easily. They are hardy. They can be found in numerous, varied colours. They are geographically adaptive. These are qualities that we appreciate in both our games and our coworkers.

When naming the studio, we actively avoided a typical aggressive-sounding one and opted for a title that resonated with our distributed structure. It also seemed fitting that the latin name for foxglove is “digitalis.”



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