Full-Stack developer

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Foxglove Studios is a game development studio with a focus on free-to-play mobile games. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, our employees live and work around the globe. We work from where we feel inspired, where we can balance our personal and business lives, and where we can feel healthy. Our distributive development team communicates and collaborates via Slack, Hangouts Meet, chat, and email. We also meet up in the real world a few times per year as an entire studio.

As experienced game developers, our environment is one in which we treat each person as a responsible adult, providing a large degree of freedom when performing tasks. We expect that you will not only bring amazing skills to your particular discipline but that you will also actively contribute to the social capital of the studio. As a small team, we need you to care about your peers, our games, and ultimately the continuous growth and wellbeing of the studio. We expect vision, proactivity, a maturity for self-management, and an ability to have discussions with varied viewpoints, along with tons of great ideas!

What the full-stack developer role requires:

  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant professional programming experience
  • Shipped game titles which include multiplayer aspects
  • Client/server architectures
  • System admin (Linux, docker, AWS)
  • Backend (NoSQL, redis, NodeJS)
  • Frontend (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap)
  • Strong communication skills for working closely with other programmers as well as other game team disciplines
  • Experience of scalable distributed systems, including performance & storage considerations
  • Ideally, experience of a commercial game engine such as Unity or Unreal 
  • Understanding how a game comes together from multiple angles (design, art, audio, QA)
  • IT infrastructure (we do not have a specific IT department)
  • Self organization, scheduling and time estimating
  • Ability and keenness to present ideas
  • Ability to see where work needs to be done and doing it
  • Listening

What Foxglove offers:

  • A unique company culture! We’re a small, very friendly group of experienced pros with a flat hierarchy, all working together from different countries and backgrounds across the world.
  • A flexible working space! We don’t have a physical office so you’ll be able to work from anywhere you like, as long as you have an internet connection and you can concentrate.
  • Company onsites! A few times per year, we spend a week together for regular face-to-face meetings and social activities. Past locations have included Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Seattle. 
  • No-nonsense processes! Though we are organized, the small team size helps us to keep things informal and remain agile.
  • Impactful opportunities! The ability to leave your mark  on both the games you make and the company’s future.

We are looking for a creative person with a passion for gaming and strong cross-functional communication skills. Is that you? If you enjoy working in a team of equally passionate developers and you have the desire to always grow your skills and knowledge, we look forward to hearing from you. 

What you'll take under your wings:

  • You will design, develop, and support features such as authentication, matchmaking, leaderboards, game logic, system tools and more for our current and future titles.